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Flight to Sydney…

There is no US Consulate in Brisbane, Australia. This means that as a Brisbane resident I am required to fly to Sydney to have my visa interview.

This was the view from the airplane of the morning sunrise, of my flight to Sydney for my interview.

I flew into Sydney to perfect weather, but the weather changed to a very rainy day very quickly, while I waited in the consulate for my appointment. With my visa approved, I descended on the city, eager to explore in the cold Autumn rain.

I ate at Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe, which is located at Circular Quay, near the Opera House.

I saw the Opera House and a very wet Sydney Harbour Bridge. Plus other buildings around the city.

Wet feet remedied by an airport buy of 3 for $10 socks, free wifi to write this blog and a yearning to get home to my warm bed, I am one step closer to living in the United States of America.

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Spring cleaning? Not for me!

I’ll be too busy for spring.

During the first half of this year I will have been in the southern hemisphere and would have experienced two months of summer, three of autumn and one of winter before leaving on a plane bound for Prague.

Landing in the northern hemisphere, I will enjoy two more months of summer. One of those summer months will be spent with Pearl Jam in Europe. The other will be spent in San Francisco, California with the rest of my 2012. I will round out the year with three months of autumn and one of winter.

Hopefully my first northern hemisphere winter with yield my first experience of snow.

I wonder how I will cope with no spring and instead six months of autumn. I wonder if I will feel like I have missed something…Doubt it. I will be having the time of my life, seeing wonderful places and meeting even more wonderful people.

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All Encompassing Trip

Count down to my adventure.

Six Pearl Jam shows, all over Europe, then six months in San Francisco.

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