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Fiona Apple at The Warfield in San Francisco – September 11, 2012

Tonight, the 11th of September, Fiona Apple and her wonderfully talented band graced the stage of the Warfield (coincidently or deliberately, I am unsure) at 9.11pm to be exact.

The tiny framed songstress was greeted by applause and ecstatic screams from the faithful fans that had gathered to see their goddess (a testament one loyal fan shouted to her beloved Fiona).

Manically and beautifully Fiona sang from the depths of her body and soul, every muscle and tendon in her petite body on full-flex through her most powerful notes. The ghostly and passionately wonderful sounds her body creates through voice and her instrument, backed perfectly by her band.

Fiona’s on-stage presence breaking through to each person as her eyes, at first fixated directly in front and centre of her, later finding others in the crowd. Only having the words thank you, repeating them over and over again. Apologising for not having any other words, professing the need for ‘more’ words, Fiona was humbled by the crowds reaction throughout the night.

Each word she sang and each sound she made, sinking itself in and over and through my very being. Thank you Ms Fiona Apple.

P.S. Please visit Australia soon.



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