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A day hike at Point Reyes National Seashore

On Sunday, I ventured out of the city of San Francisco. Catching a bus and two trains to meet my friends in Berkeley, before driving an hour northwest to get to the Bear Valley Visitor Centre.

We planned to hike part of the Point Reyes National Seashore and did just that. We were sufficiently prepared for a six-hour hike with our hiking boots, water, food, sunscreen and cameras.

We hiked for just under six-hours and approximately 23km, which included a lunch break at one of the beaches along the route.

Along our hike, we saw slugs and tiny lizards, birds, seals and even a bobcat. (Though one member of our group is adamant it was a bobcat, the rest of us are still not 100% convinced that it was. Maybe it was just a large feral domestic cat.)

More information about Point Reyes National Seashore can be found here.



Safety Warning:
If you are going to head out to do a day hike anywhere, including Point Reyes, please note the following:
Take sufficient food and water supplies.
Wear proper clothing and hiking shoes.
Plan appropriately, look at the national/state park websites, look at weather warnings, tide information etc.
Of important note at Point Reyes (and other ocean/cliff park areas): Check tide tables before walking on beaches. Rising water can trap you against a cliff with no possibility of escape.
The pounding surf and rip currents are treacherous, especially at McClures Beach, Kehoe Beach, and Point Reyes Beaches, North and South. Stay away from the water.

One of my hiking buddies mapped our hike here.

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